The silent death behind the browser


Many people, including freelancers and businessmen who have websites as well as applications based on them, are not aware that they suffer a “silent death”.

The term may seem very dramatic at first glance, but it reflects that any application is subject to the maintenance and updating of its components in order to resolve incidents, introduce improvements, and most importantly, maintain security standards against an increasingly warlike environment.

The image that a browser sometimes gives us seems to be that everything is going well, nothing is wrong, and seems to convey an apparent tranquility to both the users and the owners themselves, and from which such common phrases emanate as:

“- but if this works, why do we have to do anything?”
“- but, if we need to change it… it will be done in just a moment, right?”
“- We will have time to change it…, right?”

In JOINSO, both managers, workers and collaborators, we are aware of this reality and we expose to our customers the need to carry out periodic updates, update applications, so that all of them adjust to the requirements of the various components in their latest versions, as well how to run the various tests to ensure that everything is up to date.

This is our work philosophy that we apply as a principle in all projects.

Serve as an example, the 12 years that we have been in charge of the project, where we have recently evolved to support the various standards required by Amazon Web Services in its constant updating lines of all its services and application of “EOL” directives  both for those derived from components such as PHP, Node.js, Python, Java, etc., as well as the standards set by them.

Our extensive experience in CMS systems (specifically Drupal), as well as extensive experience in AWS, has allowed us to adapt all the components in record time, adjust all the AWS components and deploy the application in record time, thanks to the joint effort of all of us and the teams involved, and with a deployment that did not take more than half an hour and without any service down.


One more example of the high specialization of our teams and the extensive experience in top-level projects that use the most innovative technologies.